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career in tourism

career in tourism

If you want a little more excitement and adventure in your live, then consider a career in tourism. A career in tourism can be a fun break from the normal hum-drum routine of your typical career. Be aware that a career in this industry will probably not make you a lot of money – but what’s money compared to a job you love?

This article will give you some ideas for career opportunities and advice to be able to a land a job in the tourism industry. It is actually possible to live and work where others dream of just visiting.

Career options

The tourism industry is very diverse with many career options. Not all job options are easy to find or easy to get. So, do some searching and something will definitely surface for you. A wonderful Japanese saying to remember in your search: “The strongest temptation to quit comes right before success”.

To get things started, check out a list of 10 great jobs in travel and tourism from

  • Amusement and recreation attendant
  • Concierge
  • Cruise ship director
  • Curator
  • Gaming dealers
  • Lifeguard
  • Information clerk
  • Recreation worker
  • Taxi driver or chauffeur
  • Tour and travel guide


Many jobs do not require a degree, but if you are interested in obtaining your degree then check out Columbia Southern University’s online degrees in tourism. They offer bachelors and an MBA concentration in Hospitality and Tourism along with several certificate options. A degree can give you a leading advantage over other candidates. A specialized degree in Hospitality and Tourism can even give you more of an edge because of your targeted education to the industry. As always, before enrolling in any type of school, do your research and make sure that the school you select is the right one for you.

Additional Resources

So, if you want to skip all the small talk and get right into so ideas to change your career immediately, then check out some of the articles below from e-how.

So, go nuts! Stop hating your job. We only have such a limited time on this earth. Please do not waste it being unhappy with your career.

Employment Sites

There are tons of resources on the web to find a job in the tourism industry. Below are a few ideas.