18 Leading Online Universities

online universities

18 Leading Online Universities

So many options are available for distance learning that many universities have started to offer online degree programs. There are many degree granting schools offering programs at all levels including: associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate.

18 featured universities are listed below

  1. University of Phoenix
  2. Walden University
  3. Norwich University
  4. Penn State University
  5. Kaplan University
  6. University of Massachusetts
  7. American Military University
  8. Capella University
  9. Central Michigan University
  10. Arizona State
  11. Regent University
  12. Utica College
  13. University of Saint Mary
  14. Seton Hall University
  15. Columbia Southern University
  16. Drexel University
  17. University of Maryland University College
  18. Excelsior College

A few of these schools fall into the typical “brick and mortar” category, but they do such volume online they could be considered an online university. If you are looking to fulfill you dreams of earning your degree in Marketing, Finance, Business, or more, then check out one of these universities. I encourage you to do a very detailed review of any university before making a choice. Make your own decision and do not be persuaded by opinions of others.


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